13 Fascinating Companies At OTC 2017

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The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas is the oil and gas industry's premier global event. It is estimated that upwards of 100,000 energy professionals met to discuss and exchange leading innovations and a myriad of ideas and opinions to advance offshore technology resources and environmental matters around the globe. OTC boasts attendees and exhibitors from 100+ countries and several thousands of companies.

With the assistance of the OTC Show press division, we were able to interview 13 fascinating companies at OTC 2017 who are heavily involved in the oil and gas industry. 

Watch all 13 interviews below to discover innovative products and intriguing leaders who are changing the world of oil and gas. 

Canary Labs

The American Welding Society

Akron Electric, Inc.

The Process Flow Network


EPI Materials Testing Group

PTFE Industries 



Winches Inc.

Pro-face America


NJZ Lighting


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