Artisan Still Design Moves From Overseas Mixing Manufacturer to Mixer Direct Mixers


Artisan Still Design believed in providing innovative distillation design and distribution, but were constantly plagued by high failure rates with mixing equipment from an overseas manufacturer. When the opportunity arrived to evaluate other industrial mixing manufacturers, Artisan soon chose Mixer Direct. 

About Artisan Still Design

Artisan Still Design is a leading designer and builder of creative custom distillation equipment. Due to great achievements in distribution and design, Artisan Still Design’s provides innovative still design to a large portion of the United States. Artisan Still Design is headquartered in Eight Mile, Alabama and has representatives across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Europe.


Joseph Robinson, Co-Founder and head of Import and Distribution for Artisan Still Design, was growing frustrated with the high failure rate of both the mixers and seals they were previously purchasing. “Before Mixer Direct we were using an oversea manufacturer that could not get us a mixer in which the seal would last. The previous mixing equipment seals failed at a high rate, and even when they didn’t completely fail they never seemed to seal properly.”

When the opportunity arrived to evaluate other industrial mixing manufacturers, Robinson soon chose Mixer Direct.

I Need A Mixer For A Distillery

The Solution & Results

To resolve the challenges Artisan was facing, they realized they needed to seek out a different industrial mixing company that would eliminate customer complaints and equipment failure. “We selected Mixer Direct after seeing in person the mixers at a trade show”, said Robinson. After making the switch to Mixer Direct, Robinson observed, “Now we rarely have any issue or customer complaint about agitators. Mixer Direct products has taken one “thorn in our side” and removed it completely. I no longer even think about an agitator ever giving me issues or losing sleep over it. The top reason I would recommend Mixer Direct and its products is that they simply work, and work well!”




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