5 Chemistry Apps You Should Download


“Cell phones are so convenient that they're an inconvenience,” says popular Japanese writer, Haruki Murakami. If thats not a prophetic cultural statement, we don’t know what is. According to a survey dating back to 2013, 65% of the population uses their smartphone while standing in line at the grocery store and 35% break the law by using it on the way. Chances are those stats have risen in the past 2 years. Let's break the trend and redeem smartphone use! In the second part of our Chemistry Matters series, we want to share 5 chemistry apps you should download No matter where you find your self on the academic spectrum in chemistry, we hope these apps are helpful to your journey in learning about the fascinating world of chemistry. In part 2 of our Chemistry Matters blog series, we thought we’d share a few practical smartphone apps that might help you along in your learning journeys. Make sure to tune in, take a look, try out our recommendations, and give us feed back!

5 Chemistry Apps You Should Download

Elements - Periodic Table Element Quiz

Take the opportunity to brush up on your periodic table knowledge through fun quizzes and help. This fun and challenging app allows your to set your own difficulty levels all with the goal of memorizing elements in the periodic table.

5 Chemistry Apps You Should Download

Chem Pro: Chemistry Tutor In Your Pocket

Wish you had a free chemistry tutor? Wish granted. With access to over 80 general and AP chemistry lessons. With this app the goal is to learn step by step how to solve some of chemistry's most challenging dilemmas.

5 Chemistry Apps You Should Download

Chem Lab

This award winning chemistry app is fun and simple. While primarily geared towards high school chemistry, the app presents a challenging game oriented aspect to engage with chemical compounds.

5 Chemistry Apps You Should Download


This interactive app comes with a interesting visual aspect. Download new molecules and study them in a 3D rendered form. Start off by learning about Insulin, Caffeine, DNA and more.

5 Chemistry Apps You Should Download

EleMints: Periodic Table

This free app has an incredibly simple user interface. It also allows easy access to the elements of the periodic table for quick reference points and access to plot graphs, diagrams, and helpful element information.



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