As a manufacturing company we are all about blogging and getting the word out on the unique and interesting world inside manufacturing. Join us as we reveal 5 manufacturing blogs you should read.

1. Manufacture This

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Manufacture This is the blog of The Alliance For American Manufacturing. This blog has a phenomenal approach to to American manufacturing. Why you ask? At the heart of the AAM is a desire to see American Manufacturing strengthened and prospering. At the Manufacture This Blog you will find a variety of interesting topics to read about including infrastructure, innovation, job creation, industry futures, and much more. In addition to this there is a frank sense of willingness to open discussion on the world of American manufacturing. This American made blog is eye opening and well worth the read.

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2. Made In Ohio

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Made In Ohio is nothing short of a refreshing take on manufacturing. This blog is an outreach rooted in Ohio Robotics, Inc. Steve Staub, Gary Weldon, and Laima Rastikis are the main writers who contribute to the Made In Ohio Blog. This blog team offers 3 unique perspectives on a host of attention grabbing subjects. Not a part of manufacturing in Ohio? No big deal. Although the blog is dedicated to Ohio manufacturing, there are range of thought provoking implications and the quality of their content being contributed is worthy of a wide range of readership.

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3. Manufacturing Innovation Blog

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Since 2011, the Manufacturing Innovation Blog is a discussion and resource oriented read. It is powered by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is a strategic advisor dedicated to working alongside U.S. manufacturers to ensure job creation and profitability. This blog is no stranger to key issues facing U.S. manufacturers. The benefits of reading this blog are seemingly endless. Among these benefits, you will find fresh outlooks on emerging manufacturing strategies, a wealth of manufacturing info, and all around opportunity to participate in discussion and grow.

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4. Manufacturing.net

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If you have read a manufacturing blog or know anything about the subject, there is a high probability you have stumbled across the powerhouse of awesome content at manufacturing.net. This is one blog that is guaranteed to keep you up to date on global manufacturing and just about everything in between. The variety of topics on this blog keeps a wide readership consistently coming back for new and helpful information. If you are still on the fence, trust us, there is a reason why this blog is one of the leading sources on all things manufacturing.

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5. Shopfloor

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Shopfloor is another sure bet when it comes to selecting a manufacturing blog to subscribe to. This blog is a widely respected voice of American manufacturing. Shop floor is a blog by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). This insightful blog covers topics ranging from manufacturing advocacy and trade to legal reform and manufacturing policy news. It also will not take a reader very long to notice that Shopfloor goes to great lengths to present hard data to their readers. On top of this, they also graciously take the time to analyze this hard data and break it down in a very understandable way.

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What Did We Miss?

If you have another manufacturing blog we should read, please leave a link and an explanation in the comments below.

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