Clamp Mount Mixers


Clamp Mount Mixers

Clamp mount mixers are one Mixer Direct's best-selling product lines. This industrial mixing line of medium sized portable mixers are capable of handling mixing batches from 30-1000 gallons. These clamp mount mixers are known for their versatility for mid-sized operations. The clamp mount mixer lines are available in both light and heavy duty designs. Take a look below as we explore our four clamp mount mixer model lines. This will include Mixer Direct's Economy clamp mount mixer, drum clamp mixer, and the heavy duty clamp mount mixer.

Economy Clamp Mount Mixer


Have you been in the market for a mixer that is affordable yet can handle the day to day workload of industrial mixing? The economy clamp mount mixer may be what you are looking for. It is both economical in price and long on function. Some features of the clamp mount mixer include convenient adjustable positioning, a portable light weight design, and its easy removability. All of these features makes the clamp mount a popular, economical, and effective choice for a variety of applications. Another complimentary aspect of the clamp mount mixer includes its versatility. All mixer parts that are making contact with the mixer are constructed from 316 grade stainless steel. This stainless steel construction allows for high levels of resistance to chemicals while mixing. The economy clamp mount mixer comes equipped with a square pitched left hand propeller which provides a significant amount of flow per horsepower.

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Drum Clamp Mixer

drum clamp mixer

The drum clamp mixer is designed for mixing in a 55 gallon drum or a mixing container similar in size. This medium mixer can conveniently mount directly to the side of your drum or similarly sized mixing vessel. The drum clamp mixer comes equipped with 304 stainless steel folding propellers that allow the mixer to enter through tank hole to mix. As the mixer is engaged, the blades automatically open due to centripetal force. This product is ideal for the mixing of materials with low to medium viscosities. Its heat treated aluminum housing provide lightweight portability and durability. Each drum clamp mixer arrives standard with a 5/8” diameter 316SS shaft and 304SS set screw attached impellers. However, there are several customization options available. These include a variety of mixing blade options, variable shaft lengths, and multiple gear ratios for just about every conceivable mixing need.

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Heavy Duty Clamp Mount Mixer

The heavy duty clamp (HDC) mount mixers are the proverbial work horses of Mixer Direct’s portable mixer line. With heat treated aluminum housings, this product offers outstanding reliability and an incredible lightweight portability. Each HDC mixer includes a lower support bearing to take the radial shaft load off the motor/gearbox which allows it to have a longer usage life. This product is also know for its outstanding adjustability. This means that the mixing shaft can be positioned on two axis of rotation. Each heavy duty clamp mount mixer comes standard with an oversized 316SS shaft and 316SS set screw-attached propellers. However, there are many customization options available for these mixers. This includes a variety of impeller types, mounting options, and varied shaft lengths.

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