Fresh Tech: How To Build a Temporary Bridge Out of Cardboard


How to Build a Temporary Bridge out of Cardboard

If you've ever found yourself ankle deep in the dredges of a creek bed you could've sworn you'd be able to clear, then you already know the importance of a decent bridge. In addition to circumventing treacherous terrain, the average pedestrian passage need not be crafted of unobtainium to function properly. All you need is a little know-how, and the moving boxes from you last apartment.

The key to a good bridge lies not in its material, but in its structure. When choosing your configuration, lean on a little engineering know-how and unlock the power of Pythagoras' favorite shape: the right-triangle. The potency of the three-sided legend arises from its effective distribution of weight, which makes a big difference when working with flimsy resources.

Take a box, and tape into a series of 9 inch by 8.5 inch by 3.5 inch triangles. Repeat these shapes in order to create sections. Now, before trusting your life to the whims of corrugated packing materials, try out your new creation by testing its capacity. You should find that the configuration can support roughly 300 pounds.

Now, to put it all together. Take that structure and create multiple iterations, taping them together to create a bridge of desired length, then construct two more pieces in order to elevate the bridge. Finally, put your new creation into service.

You fell down didn't you? The key to calculating the viable length of your bridge depends on the understanding that your full body weight lands on the structure with each step. Use your software program of choice and build your passage to withstand this load and try again.

And you've done it! You've successfully demonstrated the power of engineering. No longer must you suffer the yoke of soggy pant legs, thanks to the power of science and the miracle of cardboard.

Want to see the build process in action? Watch the video below:


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