How To Make A Perfect Mint Julep For Derby

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How to Make a Perfect Mint Julep for Derby

"I must....descant a little upon the mint-julep, as it is, with the thermometer at 100 degrees Fahrenheit, one of the most delightful and insinuating potations that ever was invented, and may be drunk with equal satisfaction when the thermometer is as low as 70 degrees”, said Captain Frederick Marryat, a famous novelist and British Royal Navy Officer. Ironically, he never even experienced the phenomenon of the Kentucky Derby, but I’d guess that based upon this quote he might have liked it. Besides the hats and horses, the king of the Kentucky Derby culture goes by the name Mint Julep. It's a big deal. So just what is this mythical cocktail? The traditional Mint Julep has a few different ingredients and looks like a sophisticated adult snow cone. The ingredients include Kentucky Bourbon, fresh mint, sugar or simple syrup, and crushed ice. Traditionally, it is served in a pewter cup, but a chilled rocks glass is an acceptable substitute. This weekend, somewhere in the neighborhood of 120,000+ Mint Juleps will be consumed at the historical Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky (Mixer Direct's home town). In light of Derby and all its festivities, we thought we'd lend a helping hand with celebrating. Thus, we present you with How To Make A Perfect Mint Julep For Derby as our gift to you! Feel Free to share this infographic or embed it on your blog or website! Enjoy!

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How To Make A Perfect Mint Julep For Derby

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