How To Make "The Goldberg Rush" Cocktail Featuring 11 Wells

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It's time for an incredible cocktail to help with that ever so popular transition to fall. We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to work with our friends and customers at 11 Wells Distillery in St. Paul, Minnesota and our favorite Louisville, KY Craft Bartender, Eron Plevan. Thankfully, we were able to get our hands on 11 Wells Minnesota 13 White Whiskey, a dash of Minnesota culture, a pinch of Mighty Ducks movie trivia, one Minnesota state apple, and a sampling of homemade syrups from Mr. Plevan to bring you a remarkable beverage that you can make at home.

We hope you enjoy the recipe video!

Where Can I Find Minnesota 13?

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Minnesota 13 White Whiskey is out in selected locations. You can order online or buy locally in Minnesota at France 44, South Lyndale, Surdyks and Thomas in Minnesota for now. More locations coming soon. It's also not a bad idea to tell your local liquor store you want them to order some Minnesota 13 or better yet, start carrying it.

I Need A Mixer For A Distillery

11 Wells Minnesota 13 White Whiskey Video Shoot Gallery

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More Photos From Minnesota 13 Filming can be found here.



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