Industrial Mixers In Real Life: Cosmetics and Skincare


The Cosmetics and Skincare industry is forecasted to generate a whopping $60 Billion plus in 2015. Between soap, shampoo, fragrances, and deodorant alone, one can easily see why this industry has dominated the marketplace for centuries. In the final part of our Industrial Mixers In Real Life series, we are sharing about the customers we serve in the cosmetics and skincare industry. Take a look around and see if you recognize some of our customers.

Oyin Handmade

Oyin Handmade

Jamyla Bennu is all about the ingredients at Oyin Handmade. Through experimentation and research, Oyin Handmade is making fascinating natural products in Baltimore, Maryland. Oyin Handmade products cover a variety of needs including hair care, skincare, and more. Oyin utilizes a customixed Mixer Direct High-Speed Disperser.

Tata Harper


Tata Harper is a 100% vertically integrated company based out of Vermont. This company is committed to making cosmetics and skincare with all natural formulas made from scratch. Tata Harper's products include a variety of skincare lines, aromatherapy items, , cosmetics, and more. Tata Harper utilizes the Mixer Direct Heavy Duty Clamp Mount Mixer.



L'Oreal is one of the most widely recognized brands in the cosmetics and skincare industry. In 1909, the company was founded by a young entrepreneurial chemist. What began with the development of one of the first hair dyes, is now one of the leading companies in research and innovation in the cosmetics and skincare industry. Their products cover a variety of categories including haircare, skincare, makeup, and much more. L'oreal uses the Mixer Direct Top Entry Flange Mount Mixer.





Unilever began its business in the 1880s and has grown to be one of the world's largest companies in the cosmetics and skincare industry. Their products are believed to be used by an estimated 2 billion people per day. Although Unilever has a host of brands in the cosmetics and skincare industry, their products cover just about every aspect of everyday life. Unilever utilizes the Mixer Direct Tote Bracket Mount Mixer.

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