Introducing the DP1 Line: Variable Speed Electric Lab Scale Dispersers with Air Lift

The DP1 line of Bench Top dispersers is one of the most economical and full-featured disperser lines on the market. The high shear dissolver can handle a wide range of volumes from 200 mL up to 5 Gals.

The unique container holder of this high sheer mixer adjusts, so as to clamp the vessels in place firmly at a wide diameter range. A one-step dispersion blade change allows the operator to quickly tune in a process, using various size dispersion blades or even different blade geometries that better accommodate the shear level needed for the application.

The DP1 high speed disperser line does not just perform well with the process—it is also easy to use. Models are equipped with an air lift system that effortlessly moves the dispersion blade in and out of the mix. In some dispersion applications, precise placement of the dispersion blade is crucial to an efficient and effective production process.

The DP1 airlift system permits full operation of the disperser at every height to allow full flexibility.

Controls for the unit are facing the operator on the front of the unit, which means no more reaching around the side trying to change your speed while observing your process. The controls and RPM readout are right at the operator’s fingertips, ensuring you get the same results every time.

All of the DP1 electric high shear mixers operate at 0 - 5000 RPM and can accommodate vessels up to 16” in height and 12” in diameter.

As with all of our mixers, if a customization is needed, Mixer Direct has a full service machine and fabrication shop in-house to adapt any of our mixers to your unique needs, sometimes without extending lead times. Contact us by email at or by phone at (812) 202-4047 to let us create your next mixer!

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