Memphis Best Bar-B-Q Since 1952: Tops BBQ

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Memphis Best Bar-B-Q Since 1952: Tops BBQ

"The thrill ain't gone...The thrill is here with the brisket". Memphis is known for blues, Elvis, and you guessed it, barbecue. There is a lot of barbecue in the south. The question is, how many places still recognize the method that produces the incredible taste of slow cooked, authentic pit barbecue, and can make it easily accessible? That's a big reason for the success of our friends and customers at Tops Bar-B-Q. The Tops team have been serving the real deal for nearly 62 years to 3 generations of customers. They take their barbecue serious. Their pork shoulders are slow cooked in a pit-barbecue onsite at all of their 15 area location for 10 hours over hardwood charcoal and green hickory wood! This is a large part of what sets them apart from other competitors in Memphis. As you will see in the video, this company cares for their employees and are incredibly hospitable. At Mixer Direct, we are greatly encouraged by customers like Tops Bar-B-Q. We hope you enjoy a piece of the Tops Bar-B-Q story.

Tops Bar-B-Q



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