Mixer Direct Launches Its Products on Amazon.com


On August 29, 2012, Amazon.com began officially featuring Mixer Direct products. Among the products available are mixers, tanks, and impellers—of all shapes and sizes. Remaining consistent with our company commitment to customer convenience, the lead times for standard products range from one to three days. Some products (like tanks) have longer production cycles, while other products simply require standard machining before shipment. Everything purchased by Mixer Direct customers on Amazon will still come through the plant at Mixer Direct. All customer orders on Amazon will receive the same quality and care as every other product produced and sold by Mixer Direct.

The decision to feature products on Amazon.com was simple. Amazon approached Mixer Direct with an invitation to feature its products because of the unique market and clients that Mixer Direct serves, as well as the quality that Mixer Direct exhibits through its websites and extensive product offerings. As a result, in less than two weeks after Amazon formally reached out to Mixer Direct, over 1,000 products are now available for purchase on Amazon.com’s website in the Industrial and Scientific section. Although the industrial side of manufacturing mixers, tanks, impellers, and the like can be very technical, one of the key principles of Mixer Direct is to keep the business aspect simple. It is our sincere hope that giving our customers access to the same quality Mixer Direct products through Amazon will simplify the purchasing process for some customers.

Still, we love working with customers directly, and Mixer Direct understands that not everything can be purchased and implemented in your business “as is.” For that reason, MixerDirect remains just as committed to offering a nearly unlimited number of options by working with you to customize products just as we always have. Mixer Direct will continue to accept orders through its website, over the phone, by email, or even in person.

We want our customers—whether they come to us through Amazon, our website (www.mixerdirect.com), or any other avenue—to be 100% satisfied from their initial contact with Mixer Direct through final delivery. Offering an extensive product line to the market, creating custom products for customers with unique needs, and aiming for excellence is everything helps us do just that. Your customer experience is our top priority.

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