Polyethylene Mixing Tanks

Polythylene Mixing Tanks

You can find polyethylene tanks anywhere, a quick search in Google yields results that are pages long. However, how do you find a vessel that is appropriate for your mixing application? Many of the vessels have dimensions that are ill suited for total tank turnover. Some have mixer mounting stands, but they are often so flimsy that the operators fear for their lives every time they turn the agitator on. Most have no way of mounting any mixer, not to mention a mixer that works for your application.

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Even with this in view, there are some distinct cost and chemical resistance advantages to using polyethylene mixing tanks. Mixer Direct has partnered with several plastic tank suppliers in order to develop a mixer mounting frame, baffled tank systems and custom fitting placement to resolve the difficulties and enhance the advantages of poly tanks. All of the plastic welding is done at our facility so the customer can be assured of a quality system delivered quickly at a reasonable price. Here are some pictures of a plastic mixing tank system delivered this month!


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