Protective Impeller Coatings

There are many circumstances where impellers have to operate in environments where traditional stainless steel impellers would be chemically destroyed in a matter of hours. In these applications it becomes necessary to employ some type of coated agitator. Yet how to do this more complicated than checking for chemical compatibility on a chart downloaded from the internet.

This is exactly the circumstance for a recent application at Mixer Direct. A large natural resource company in uranium mining was having a two-fold problem. Poor mixing led to increased batch time and degraded impeller coating due to poor agitator design. Impellers were dissolving away in less than a year. Mixer Direct updated the application to increase their mixing performance without a new drive unit and designed the geometry of the unit to increase the longevity of the coated impellers. The customer was very satisfied with the first test unit and replaced out the rest of their tanks.


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