Regular Weekly Maintenance on Mixers


Regular Weekly Maintenance on Mixers

Stainless steel mixers are used across several different industries because their ease of cleaning, durability and neutral nature. However, while these mixers can last decades in a food manufacturing system, without regular and preventive maintenance, they can become useless and a new mixer will need to be purchased. To prevent erosion and to preserve the integrity of a mixer, qualified personnel will need to conduct weekly maintenance checks. Each mixer will have different guidelines to follow, so check the manual for exact maintenance instructions. Weekly maintenance on mixers falls into four categories that need to be checked for proper grease being used, inspected for leaks or breaks, checked to make sure all grease points are lubricated and the auto-lubing reservoirs are at the proper levels.

Category 1: Drive Motor

Drive motors on mixers need to be inspected weekly for vibration, dust, dirt and residue. Any of this left for long periods of time can cause the motor to overheat and shorten its long working lifespan.

Category 2: Gear Reducer

Weekly maintenance on the gear reducer includes looking for leaks, listening for unusual noises and cleaning the breather so it is clear.

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Category 3: Pneumatic Filter-Regulator

Check the filter for dirt or plugging and drain the bowls as needed.


Category 4: Emergency Stop Button

Having a failsafe is very important which is why during the weekly inspections, it is vital to test the emergency stop button by pushing the button while mixer is running. This ensures it is working properly and the safety of workers. 

Regular Maintenance on Mixers

To prevent erosion and to preserve the integrity of a mixer, qualified personnel will need to conduct weekly, monthly and semi-annually maintenance checks. Regular weekly maintenance falls into four easy categories and with these four categories it can be ensured that a mixer will last for decades.



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