Safety Controls on Industrial Mixers and Stainless Tanks


Safety Controls

There are a variety of ways in which safety switches are applied to industrial mixing equipment. However, it generally falls into three categories: limit switches, level switches, and temperature switches.

A limit switch prevents a high speed disperser or other post mounted mixer to start while in a lift position. Also it is frequently used to ensure that a tank or container is in place before the post mounted mixer is lowered into a batch. A level switch can restrain a pitched blade turbine mixer or other top entry mixer from starting when a batch level is too low. This is advantageous because most top mount tank mixers require a certain amount of fluid coverage to maintain stability while operating. A temperature switch can keep a disperser’s motor from reaching a temperature that could internally damage the motor or might create a hazard in an explosive environment.

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The process environment is very important when determining the right switch to use. Mixers placed in pharmaceutical or food industries require frequent cleanings, so a stainless washdown grade limit switch may be ideal. Other environments or industries contain explosive atmospheres, and a particular code must be followed to build a unit that will operate safely, often necessitating the use of safety switches. Switch position may need to vary between batches to accommodate different size stainless steel or polyethylene containers.

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