How To Spend $100 On Fireworks

How to Spend $100 on Fireworks

It's almost the 4th of July and you only have $100 to spend on fireworks, what should you buy? Well we did some "research" and tested out 3 different kinds. Here is our video review of the 3 we purchased. Happy Independence Day!

Video Transcript

So it's 4th of July and lucky you, you live in a state where fireworks can leave the ground. And then lets say you have $100 to spend, so you go to your local fireworks store. Which ones are you going to buy? You have that big carton of stuff but who knows what's in that? Then you can buy the individualized things but who knows what your going to get? So today we're going to show you what you can get if you want to spend a lot of money or a little money, if you want to buy a big one or a couple of small ones. So we're going to have a few small things, launch those. Then move to some medium size things, and then we're going to have a couple of big things and you can figure out which ones you want to buy with your money.

So, the first one we have is the cheapest. This is $1 a pop, it is the opening flower and happy bird. This emits showers of sparks, so if you want to have a lot of fun and shoot a bunch of things off this might be the one to buy.

So, that was that. Now we have the next thing, this is the medium size. This is what we call a shell. Your going to put this in a mortar and then it's going to shoot up into the air. This is a pretty small one but again, this is about a buck fifty a pop. So if you want something you might shoot a lot of, this might be your route to go.

And last but certainly not least is the Excalibur. This is the one that if you go into the store and say "hey give me the big one, the best you got" this is what their going to throw at you. So we're going to see if it's really all that great. These cost about five bucks a pop. And apparently when you light these off it makes you feel like a man.

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