Tanks Are...Beautiful?

Tanks are... beautiful? 

We stared at him. Everyone in the room stared at him. One guy even had that cocked eyebrow thing that "The Rock" does. Then he repeated himself.

"I know it might not make much sense, but what we do here at Mixer Direct is beautiful."

Mark Franco, our president here at Mixer Direct, had just confounded a room full of burly factory workers. I don't mean "burly" like your Uncle Joe who just has an penchant for beer and nachos. I mean burly like, “Are we sure he’s not a Hell’s Angel?"


photo Jason is one of our welders. He's really nice. I promise.

Everyone single one of us wanted to ask: "How in the world could what we do at Mixer Direct be a thing of beauty?"

We manufacture mixing equipment and tanks. They are not something that makes my top 10 list when I think of something as "beautiful." It's one thing to look at a newly rebuilt 1969 Shelby GT waxed and shined to the point that even birds go, "Oh I can't mess that up" and say, "That's beautiful." I can handle something like that. But to look at this room full of factory workers with soot and grit all over their faces and say, "What we do here is beautiful" seemed ironic at best.

But it wasn't.

We make mixing equipment and tanks, and they are beautiful. How are they beautiful? To answer that question we have to get a little philosophical.

What is beauty?

If you ask Google to "define beauty" it will tell you beauty is "a combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight." Many people believe beauty is subjective. Philosophers like David Hume thought beauty was not something that really existed. He said beauty only existed in people's minds. In other words, he believed in the old adage that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Others, like Denis Dutton, believe that beauty has a universal aspect. In other words, he believes that there are some things that all people find beautiful. He talks about how people from all cultures find landscapes, music, and other works of art beautiful. He argues that beauty has an evolutionary aspect to make humans desire things that are beneficial. He says that we think landscapes are beautiful because they show us where to live, and he says we find works of art beautiful because the artist is showcasing traits to attract a mate.

At Mixer Direct, we'd kind of fit somewhere in the middle of those two arguments leaning a little more towards Dutton's idea of beauty but for a whole different reason.

Beauty as a Characteristic of God

On our "Values" page, our founders wrote that we at Mixer Direct “operate from Biblical Christian world view." That means we believe what the Bible says about beauty. What does the Bible say about beauty? It says that beauty is a characteristic of God (Psalm 27:4), and so wherever we see God or his glory we are seeing beauty. We aren’t seeing a “kind of beauty.” We are seeing the essence of beauty itself since beauty comes from God. That means God’s beauty is not something subjective. It’s not like some people can see God’s glory and say, “Eh, not really that beautiful.” When God speaks, he speaks truth (John 17:17). When God says he and his glory are beautiful, he is telling the truth. We can deny or close our eyes to it, but the truth is that when we see God and his glory we are looking at beauty.

God’s Glory Makes Mixers Beautiful

So how does God being beautiful make Mixer Direct’s tanks and mixer beautiful?

The excellence that we make tanks with reflects God’s beauty.

Here at Mixer Direct, we don’t just make mixers and tanks. We make them with excellence. Denis Dutton agrees that humans “find beauty in something done well.” While he might say that something done well attracts a mate, we would say that, even beyond finding a mate, something done well reflects the beauty of God’s glory. When we “do everything for the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31), we are participating in making God’s beautiful glory known on this earth. When our engineers design a mixer to perform flawlessly, they reflect the beautiful glory of God. When our welders put down a straight and level seem, they reflect the beautiful glory of God. When our polishers shine a tank to a number four finish that would make a baby’s bottom look like sandpaper, they reflect the beautiful glory of God.


That’s why are tanks and mixers are beautiful. Sure, you might like them for their flawless design. You might tip your hat to the welding job. You might even find the perfect symmetry and shine of our tanks pleasing to the eye. However, the thing that really makes our tanks beautiful is the work that goes into them and the God that they reflect.

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