The Allure of the Top Entry Mixer

Most sane people do not find the prospect of a Top Entry Mixer alluring in any sense of the word. However, for those of us in the liquid processing world, there are some key reasons to like what we see when we come accoss this type of tank mixer.

  • Flexible motor usage: Because there is no casting to worry about bolting to you can use almost any frame size you can imagine. This is great when you want to use explosion proof motors which typically have larger frame sizes
  • Select-a-ratio: With Mixer Direct Top Entry Mixers, almost any ratio is achievable with changing out the worm gear. So we can get a shaft speed to match you situation, whether its low shear applications or high viscosities.
  • You name the impeller: The Top Entry Agiatator is compatable with every impeller that MixerDirect has to offer. The Axial Flow Turbine and Axial Flow Turbine RBW are particular favorites as they provide medium shear for a large number of applications.
This all adds up to a pretty package that makes short work of most mixing problems. And that is attractive to me.

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