Bluebird Botanicals: Industrial Mixers For CBD Oil

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Bluebird Botanicals Video Transcription

My name is Fionn and I work for Bluebird Botanicals. My role is a lab manager. I do all of our production and sourcing of ingredients. Bluebird started out as a really small superfood company. Shortly thereafter, we started selling CBD. It's just been growing for the last few years and we've been really putting a lot of effort into quality control and making sure that we offer our customers the best product available and that's how we got to where we are now.

We were really inefficient in our production so the first mixer we got from you had definitely helped us to grow as a company. We basically just hired an electrician who came and wired it and he installed the right outlet. He was able to figure out the machine really easily and we didn't have any hangups. It runs basically the same as when we first go it which was 2 years ago. We've never had to do any maintenance and now were kind of in the same place where we need to be blending 100 gallon batches so it was just time to upgrade. I started with an online chat. It was pretty straightforward, pretty easy, pretty simple and I just asked a few questions and then that turned into an email exchange to figure out all the details of what we needed. All my questions were answered very easily and straightforward and we got it figured out.

The business is growing exponentially and in order to produce, you know, a month's worth of some of our product we would have needed to do 5 batches in the small one and with this new mixer we'll be able to just blend one batch that will fulfill a month's worth of product. It's really affordable compared to a lot of the other companies and you guys seem very reliable and helpful in the customer service department and we haven't had any problems with any of our machines. I would recommend MXD Process. 


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