PPG and DSM Launch New Bio-based Wall Paint

bio based wall paint.png

The latest bio-based wall paint to be introduced in the market is the Sigma Air Pure. It is made via the Decovery bio-based technology of DSM. It is a bio-based wall paint that comes with an effect of air purification. The revolutionary paint is made explicitly for interior walls, and it is meant to enhance the air climate behind closed doors by filtering, neutralizing, and removing over three-quarters of formaldehyde from the air inside a room.

Sigma Air Pure paint is made from a unique resin. Through the Decovery resin technology, a resin that matched the specific needs of the paint was developed, giving it distinct characteristics from other bio-based wall paints. The technology aids paint manufacturers to produce paints that are sustainable. It also utilizes several renewable components that enable the customizing of solutions to suit the individual needs of clients and the market at large.

Sigma Air Pure paint has made bio-based wall paints even more acceptable. Both the consumer and professional markets are embracing this renewable resin. These resins are generated from renewable sources like agricultural waste, starch, sugars, and natural oils. They play the role of fossil ingredients, which are the source of binder resins used in the manufacture of conventional paints that are water and solvent borne.

Decovery resins technology used in the production of Sigma Air Pure paint is eco-friendly. Reports show that these bio-based wall paints have been developed under extra creativity and relentless dedication. To date, they have been used to solve the issues and challenges experienced by professionals and common paint consumers. 


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