The Top 10 Mixer Direct Blogs of 2017

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As 2017 comes to a close, we wanted to let you know which posts on the Mixer Direct blogs recieved that most views. Read below to see the top 10 Mixer Direct Blogs of 2017. 

1. The Top 10 Paper Producing Countries In The World


The world produces and consumes around 400 million metric tons of paper around the globe each year. Which countries are the major producers? Find out here

2. 5 Chemicals Used In Everyday Life


Although many may not realize it, chemicals play a vital role in every day life. Learn about 5 chemicals used in every day life. Read more here

3. What Is The Difference Between Axial and Radial Flow Impellers?

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Industrial mixing can be a complicated subject. The Mixer Direct blog was created with the intention of helping readers understand the industries we are involved in and grant acessible expertise regarding industrial mixing. Read the full blog here. 

4. 10 Chemistry Blogs You Should Read

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Mixer Direct is proud to be involved in the chemical industry. We recognize the importance of staying up to date on the latest in chemistry. If you want to sharpen your chemistry skills, check out these 10 chemistry blogs you should read here

5. Mixer Basics - Step 4: Tank To Impeller Ratios


So, you have your stainless steel tank and you need a mixer for your application. What should your tank to impeller ratio be? We can answer that. Read more here

6. 5 Chemistry Apps You Should Download


In the age of smartphones, there are too many options to choose from when it comes to your apps and limited phone space. We think one of those downloads should be these 5 great chemistry apps. Learn about all 5 here

7. The Top 10 Beer Producing Countries In The World

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Beer is widely consumed around the world. This popular beverage continues to grow as it increasingly maintains its status as a major part of the beverage industry globally. Can you name the top 10 beer producing countries in the world? Find the answers here.  

8. How Is Glue Made?


Glue is a staple in most homes, but what is this household item actually made of? Get all the answers here

9. What Are The Types of Polymerization? 


What exactly is polymerization and why does it matter? Discover the different types of polymerization here.

10. How Strong Is Super Glue?

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The invention of super glue was a game-changer. What is it made of? How strong is it? This blog will answer this and more. Read it here. 


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