Unlocking Earth’s Resources With Process Engineering and Equipment

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A Letter From The CEO


"Unlocking Earth’s Resources With Process Engineering and Equipment"

Thank you for investing your time browsing our company. MXD Process desires to be your partner as you seek to bring new product lines and processes into your company. Whether you are in a Fortune 100 or just starting out in a garage, we strive to bring the same drive and insight to your process application.

As our purpose states, we wish to unlock the potential in whatever chemistry you bring to the table. Since our founding, we have endeavored to have every possible key at our disposal to unlock your process. The pain of having to tell someone in need of help, “sorry we have nothing to serve you with” has compelled us to become one of very few companies that can bring in house manufactured agitators, vessels and process control systems together in an economical manner.

How we do our work is almost as important as what we deliver. We strive to have a work environment where the truth is always spoken, people are treated like people not resources to be utilized, and where we humbly serve one another and the customer. We are looking forward to working in the same way with you.

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