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Keeping Up with Weekly Mixer Maintenance

Keeping Up with Weekly Mixer Maintenance

Regular Weekly Maintenance

on your Mixers

To prevent erosion and to preserve the integrity of a mixer, qualified personnel will need to conduct weekly maintenance checks. Each mixer will have different guidelines to follow, so check the manual for exact maintenance instructions. Weekly maintenance will ensure your mixers are running efficiently, effectively, and safely and guarantee their operation for years to come.

Drive Motors

Check drive motors for dust, dirt and residue. Even explosion proof and sealed motors can accumulate debris on their fins that will inhibit efficient motor operation. Left for long periods of time, these obstructions can cause the motor to overheat and shorten it’s overall lifespan.

Gear Reducers

Inspect all the seals in the gear reducer by checking for oil or product leaks, listening for unusual noises in the gear housing, and cleaning the vent plug to ensure proper air flow. If oil was added, be sure to check the oil level to assure proper filling. Do not mix different oils in the reducer.


Pneumatic Filter-Regulator

For compressed air systems, it is critical to ensure your lubricator is operating properly. Check the filters for dirt or plugging of any kind. Remove the bowl from the filter to drain any water build up. Remove the bowl from the lubricator to ensure proper oil levels.

Emergency Stop Button

For equipment with emergency stop buttons, it is important to check your emergency stop button weekly. Engage the emergency stop button during a normal operation to ensure it works as it should.

Maintain the Seals

Check, and replace when necessary, all the seals on your mixer. There are many types of seals your mixer may have. Common seals include: air-purged seals, single seals, lip-seals, stuffing boxes and mechanical seals.

Electrical Components

Inspect the electrical cords and any additional wiring for tears or exposed wiring. Using a machine with a damaged cord can also damage the internal components of your mixer’s motor. Check the current periodically to ensure proper power levels.