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Case Study: Champion Fiberglass

We visited Champion Fiberglass in Spring, Texas, and talked with the plant manager Kyle Owens. Champion Fiberglass is an electrical conduit manufacturer. They service the electrical industry for industrial, utilities, wastewater treatment, mines, and various industries in-between. Champion Fiberglass has been around since 1988 and has steadily grown to reach a number of milestones throughout the years.


Owens begins by saying “The adhesive product line is important to Champion, and to be able to assemble the conduit we use a two-part epoxy adhesive.” Champion mixes and manufactures their own adhesives in house in order to assemble their conduit. In 2017 they had just come out of an unfortunate catastrophic fire and needed mixers to rebuild their process.

Post mount dispersers with custom mixing vessels


“Rather than replacing it all with the equipment that we had, we looked elsewhere for equipment that would take us forward and be more productive for us,” Owens says. Champions Fiberglass is now running multiple Mixer Direct DP3s to mix their 2 part adhesives. The dispersion blade combined with the power the DP3 delivers is perfect for mixing their adhesives, and the custom manufactured mixing vessels were designed to fit their process perfectly.