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Case Study: Shrieve Chemicals


We spent some time with the technical operations manager John Blalock from Shrieve Chemical Company and caught up on their process. Shrieve is a specialty chemical manufacturer based in The Woodlands, Texas. They specialize in sulfur, sulfur-based products, industrial chemicals, and nitrogen products for a variety of industrial applications.

55 gallon chemical barrels stacked in storage



“Our motivation for getting A tri-clamp mixer was to be able to expand what we did internally by making batches of product” Blalock explains. Like many manufacturers today, Shrieve outsourced part of their process. The company was looking to bring this process in house to be able to be more cost-effective, quality assurance, and to protect their technology.

Triclamp mixer attached to tank



The tri-clamp mixer was the answer they had been looking for. This mixer is now part of their distillation and esterification unit which they now operate internally. “It’s the most important part of the system because of the direct contact with the heating elements, the mixer has to be on all the time otherwise, you ruin your product,” Blalock says. “Installation took almost two minutes. We just put it together, dropped it in place, clamped it in, and we were done.”