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Case Study: Sawyer Ceramics


We met with Jonathan Sawyer from Sawyer Ceramics to talk about their experience. Sawyer Ceramics is a small ceramics producer made up of a small team based out of a 1,100 square foot space in an industrial building in San Diego, California. The owner, Jonathan Sawyer, oversees the entire process from taking the raw materials and turning them into functional pieces of art to packaging and shipping the items to their customers. You can learn more about them and view their products online at

Ceramics being mixed


Having limited space while growing a company can be a challenge. “We’re a small company with a small physical space we’re working in,'' Jonathan says, “We’re always trying to cram as much useful equipment into the space as we can.” They were looking for a compact and affordable piece of equipment that would fit in their space with the capability to mix materials such as clays, glazes, and plaster as opposed to mixing with a drill or by hand.

Lab disperser processing ceramic clay


With a simple internet search, Jonathan found our standard Mixer Direct DP1 lab disperser. After reviewing the specifications and chatting with a sales professional to make sure it could tackle everything from clay to plaster, the unit was manufactured and shipped to their door and they’ve been running ever since.