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Case Study: Stonhard

We met with Lead Maintenance Mechanic Joe Nicholson from Stonhard. With its headquarters located in Maple Shade, New Jersey, Stonhard manufacturers and installs high-quality polymer, epoxy, and urethane flooring all over the world. Their Floors can be found everywhere from hospitals to stadiums to breweries.


Like many manufacturers today, Stonhard was looking for a solution to increase productivity as well as reduce the physical labor when it came to their process. For this project, we specifically focused on the grinding process to produce the pigment they use to color their product.


The MXD engineers had their hands full coming up with a brand new automated in-line shearing system for Stonhard. This process included a feeding system to feed the powdered material into a ShearPro in-line mixer to be combined with the existing resin in order to produce their final product. A batch that used to take hours could now be done in a 30-minute time frame.