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Case Study: Hard Truth Distillery

Our friends over at Hard Truth Distilling were so kind to us by giving a private behind the scenes tour and answering a few of our questions. We met and talked with Head Distiller Bryan Smith on the history of the distillery and what their current process looks like. Hard Truth Distilling was started in downtown Nashville, IN in 2015 where they developed their original recipes. Today they produce Rum, Vodka and, Gin with A Rye and Bourbon in the works.


Hard Truth started in a 900 square foot room with a stripping still and a 40-gallon pot still. “In the stripping still we had, we were having some problems with scorching on the bottom of the tank.” Smith says “When we decided we were going to build this facility we were trying to figure out what we could use from our original equipment.”


The fix Hard Truth Distilling was looking for was an agitator. Specifically, one that was rated for the brewing and distilling industry and could mount right to their existing equipment. Luckily, We have a wide variety of Tri-clamp mixers for them to choose from and customize to fit their existing process. “As we were putting our still together for our pot still we know that we needed an agitator.” Smith shared. “We contacted MXD and they helped us out through the process of getting a different size shaft and making sure everything worked fine and there it sits on our pot still now working great.”