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Institut' Dermed: Case Study

Institut' Dermed: Case Study

We met with master Esthetician and founder of Institut' DERMed Clinical Skin Care, Lyn Ross, as well as Jim Davis from research and development. Institut' DERMed Clinical Skin Care is one of the most respected names in the professional cosmetic beauty industry. They’re located in Atlanta, GA and have been producing cosmetics and skin care products for almost 30 years.

High viscosity dual shaft mixer



“Our business had grown so much that we were ready for bigger batches,” Lyn Ross says. “We were familiar with the Ross brand because we had purchased equipment from them in the past.” The equipment they had wouldn’t allow them to mix higher viscosity materials. “We needed more power to mix masks and creams and very viscous types of cosmetic ingredients.”

Full dual shaft mixing system


Institut' DERMed needed a custom solution to fit their current process, needs, and product. Instead of finding a mixer that might work, our team of engineers worked on a design that fit their process and theirs alone. “We looked at a number of different mixing companies. MXD seemed to have what we wanted,” Jim Davis Says. “The machine that you’re seeing here is actually very customized. The anchor mixer on there is very different than the standard spiral for MXD. They modified it in order to get the rotor stator and the anchor mixer into this size container.”

“When we made that phone call it was like we were connecting to friends. Friends that wanted to learn about our business. Friends that wanted to create something for us because we are a specialized cosmetics manufacturer… I felt that the MXD Process team was just as passionate about what they do.” -Lyn Ross