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Case Study: Nycote Laboratories

We talked with Marcie Simpson from Nycote Laboratories Corporation. Marcie is the President and Chief Operations Officer at Nycote. The company has been producing one-of-a-kind nylon polymer epoxy coatings since 1957. Nycote Coatings have been manufactured at their current location since 1971. They have been trusted providers of coatings to companies such as Boeing, Airbus, Embraer, and other OEMs worldwide.


First and foremost Nycote Laboratories has been using the same equipment for a long time and was due for some updates. “We still have some of our older equipment in production today,” Marcie says. She went on to explain how their expertise was in making these coatings but not necessarily in the machines behind the process, “I don’t know anything about equipment, I just know how to create coatings. This coating.”

Clamp mounted mixer attached to tank


Thankfully MXD Process makes it easy for anyone to upgrade equipment. Marcie was able to find through a little bit of research. She says, “I ended up on the website and they asked the right questions. I remember them asking me the container size and about the propeller.” After the process of finding the exact mixer for their needs the equipment was built to their specifications and sent on its way.