5 Manufacturing Blogs You Should Read In 2016


American manufacturing has found itself in a fair share of limelight on the main stage in 2016. Let us be the first to admit that the attention being given to the industry at hand is well deserved. Last year, it is estimated that around $2 Trillion+ was contributed by manufacturing to the American economy.  In addtion, the manufacturing industry in the United States currently employs around 12.5 million people. This number doesn't even begin to touch how many more jobs will be needed and created to meet the needs of the industry's rocketing growth. To dig more deeply into this powerful industry, we wanted to highlight 5 manufacturing blogs you should read in 2016. 



Manufacturing.net has increasingly become one of the single best resources for keeping up with relevant news pertaining to the ever growing world of manufacturing. With a bevy of talented writers and creative content makers, you can't miss out on this expanding and informative blog. Manufacturing.net covers a wide variety of topics including aerospace, automotive, economics, energy, global, IoT, labor, operations, product development, tech, and more. You can read the latest from Manufacturing.net here.

Manufacture This


In 2007 a handful of American manufacturers and United Steelworkers combined powers to initate the Alliance for American Manufacturing. The AAM is wholly dedicated to private-sector job creation and the drive to see a strengthened American manufacturing industry. One major part of this mission is to research, inform, and educate others on the most important issue surrounding American manufacturing and its many dedicated workers. Topics on the Manufacture This blog can range from infrastructure, jobs, trade, tax reform and more. You can find Manufacture This here

Cisco Manufacturing Blog


The Cisco Manufacturing blog exists to facilitate a discussion centered on the future of manufacturing and digital transformation in the idustry. Recent topics covered on this blog include securing manufacturing data, IoT, robotics, and job growth. This blog is cutting edge and has an incredible team of writers. Check it out here.   


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Manufacturing Outlook Blog


The Manufacturing Outlook Blog was created by a network dedicated to equipping manufacturing leaders with information to take on the industry's largest challenges. Topics on this blog center around leadership, risk and compliance, operations, finances, global economy, growth and innovation, and more. You can read the latest from The Manufacturing Outlook Blog here



The U.S. Department of Energy has a fascinating manufacturing blog. Recent topics include clean energy careers, challenges in manufacturing, technology, innovation, and much more.  To read the latest posts from Energy.Gov's manufacturing blog, visit their site here



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